Our Claims Professionals

Lori Lysiak

Senior Claims Examiner


Lori is an Idaho Licensed Workers’ Compensation Examiner. She has also obtained the State of Idaho Industrial Commission’s Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist certification “advanced level” as a distinguished graduate. She previously worked for a large regional hospital with a large multi-location occupational health department as a workers’ compensation case coordinator. She has worked directly with employers, injured workers, insurers, and medical providers for the past 11 years.  Lori has a good deal of experience working directly with the Idaho workers’ compensation community. She has medical training and was previously a registered Medical Assistant. She handles indemnity and litigation claims and works with both self-insured and insurance company clients. Lori also holds the Idaho Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist Advanced Level certification.

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Idaho Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Idaho

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We provide WC services throughout all of Montana and P&C services in portions of Western Montana.

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We provide WC services throughout all of Washington, P&C and O&C services in Spokane, Yakima, E. Washington, and the surrounding areas

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We provide WC Services for Colorado and P&C services for portions of Nevada and Wyoming 

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