Workers' Compensation

Intermountain provides professional workers’ compensation claims handling and TPA services for Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah.  We have a proven track record of superior claims and customer service that has been verified through the audit process, and in the relationships we have developed with insured and self-insured employers, insurance companies, and workers’ compensation claims professionals over the years. Intermountain is committed to meeting the needs of our Workers’ Compensation clients by providing both technical and claims management expertise throughout the Northwest.

It is our practice to hire experienced and trained insurance professionals capable of making decisions and delivering our proven claims management practices in accordance to the client specific details. It is no easy task, and demands attention to detail and support from management. Our primary goal is to partner with our clients to pro-actively manage workers’ compensation claims while minimize employee-employer conflict and reducing or controlling costs.  To meet that objective, we provide the following list of services:

  • Initial Claim Contact within 24 hours
  • Investigation and prompt determination of compensability
  • Field Investigation
  • Recorded Statements
  • AOE/COE Investigations
  • Subrogation Investigation and Recovery
  • On-Site Accident Investigation
  • Diary System Claim Monitoring
  • Settlement Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Mediation and Litigation Management
  • Managed Care and Bill Review
  • In-House Nurse Case Management in Idaho, Oregon, and portions of Washington
  • Fraudulent Claim Assistance
  • Checking/Banking Account Management and Reconciliation
  • 200 Plus Standard Loss Data Reports
  • Ad hoc and Extensive Custom Reporting Capability
  • Live Client Access to the an online claims system
  • EDI Reporting
  • Excess Carrier Reporting
  • State Administrative Filings
  • State Compliance Assistance
  • In-person or Telephonic Claim reviews
  • 24 hour availability
  • Consulting and Training Services

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Kyla Rude Examiner
Connie Hoffman Claims Manager
Wanda Roberson Supervisor
Chris Wagener Supervisor
Morgan Atterberry Senior Examiner
Wendy Jordan Senior Examiner
Lori Lysiak Senior Examiner
Stephanie Macy Senior Examiner
Gloria Reeves Senior Examiner
Kimberly Rogers Senior Examiner
Christine Wilson Senior Examiner
Cindy Weigel President
Nicole Wood, RN Nurse Case Manager
Brad Armstrong Examiner
Courtney Burns Examiner
Bernadette Contreras Examiner
Alice Feehley Examiner
Kellen Kinder Examiner
Angela Lindsey Examiner
David Orton Examiner
Michael Roberson Examiner
Vicky Roepker Examiner
Alie Withrow Examiner
Jasen Carrier Claims Manager
Teri Bohnsack Senior Examiner
Debra Daniels Senior Examiner
Sandy Scholl Senior Examiner
Natalie Breshears Examiner
Amy Lybbert Examiner
Shannon Tamietti Examiner
Jaimie Nolan Claims Manager
Craig Stone Vice President of Workers' Compensation
Stan Asanovic Senior Examiner
Rhonda Goodell Senior Examiner
Kim Reedy Senior Examiner
Tina Tulley Senior Examiner
Linda Schneider Nurse Case Manager
Tamara Klepel Examiner
Keith O'Toole Examiner
Casey Hepburn Claims Manager
Salt Lake City
Debbie Moore Senior Examiner
NaDean Reedy Senior Examiner
Geesette Walters Claims Manager
Intermountain Service Areas

Idaho Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Idaho

Montana Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Montana and P&C services in portions of Western Montana.

Oregon Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services in Portland, E. Oregon, and the surrounding areas

Utah Service Area
We provide WC, P&C, and O&C services throughout all of Utah

Washington Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Washington, P&C and O&C services in Spokane, Yakima, E. Washington, and the surrounding areas

Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming Service Area
We provide WC Services for Colorado and P&C services for portions of Nevada and Wyoming 

See the Area Map of our service coverage.