Portland specializes in Third Party Administration for Workers' Compensation Self- Insured accounts in Washington and Oregon. State Act Workers' compensation adjusting and representation is available for Oregon out of our Portland office. Portland also provides Property and Casualty field claim handling services in Portland and the surrounding areas.

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Construction Defect
Ryan Blanchard Adjuster
Property & Casualty
Ryan Blanchard Adjuster
Workers' Compensation
Craig Stone Vice President of Workers' Compensation
Stan Asanovic Senior Examiner
Rhonda Goodell Senior Examiner
Kim Reedy Senior Examiner
Tina Tulley Senior Examiner
Linda Schneider Nurse Case Manager
Tamara Klepel Examiner
Keith O'Toole Examiner
Casey Hepburn Claims Manager
9600 SW Nimbus Ave
PO Box 23547
Portland, OR 97281-3547
Phone: (503) 626-6966
(800) 372-7678
Fax: (503) 626-7105
Intermountain Service Areas

Idaho Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Idaho

Montana Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Montana and P&C services in portions of Western Montana.

Oregon Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services in Portland, E. Oregon, and the surrounding areas

Utah Service Area
We provide WC, P&C, and O&C services throughout all of Utah

Washington Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Washington, P&C and O&C services in Spokane, Yakima, E. Washington, and the surrounding areas

Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming Service Area
We provide WC Services for Colorado and P&C services for portions of Nevada and Wyoming 

See the Area Map of our service coverage.