Our Claims Professionals

Sandy Scholl

Senior Claims Examiner


Sandy joined Intermountain Claims in 2018 with over 25 years of Montana workers’ compensation claims handling experience.  She possesses a fundamental knowledge of all aspects of the claims process, including time loss, subrogation, on-site investigation, disability benefit calculation, negotiation, and claim settlement and reserve analysis. Sandy has a thorough understanding of Montana workers’ compensation law and a strong working relationship with local medical, legal and vocational vendors.  She has completed multiple continuing education courses with topics including ethics, law updates, unfair trade practice, claim file documentation, and Medicare Set-Asides.  She is a Certified Professional Montana Claims Examiner.

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Intermountain Service Areas

Idaho Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Idaho

Montana Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Montana and P&C services in portions of Western Montana.

Oregon Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services in Portland, E. Oregon, and the surrounding areas

Utah Service Area
We provide WC, P&C, and O&C services throughout all of Utah

Washington Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Washington, P&C and O&C services in Spokane, Yakima, E. Washington, and the surrounding areas

Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming Service Area
We provide WC Services for Colorado and P&C services for portions of Nevada and Wyoming 

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