Our Claims Professionals

Wanda Roberson



Wanda joined Intermountain Claims' Boise office in 2006.  She has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Seventeen of those spent with a national health care third-party administrator, handling all aspects of health claims,  gaining an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and the claims process. She is trained in the Department of Labor Standards and has a wide breadth of knowledge in Idaho Workers' Compensation Law.  She maintains a positive working relationship with local medical providers and has an excellent rapport with our clients, understanding their guidelines and protocols. Wanda is a Certified Idaho Worker's Compensation Specialist and has certifications in HIPPA and medical terminology. She is licensed in Idaho.

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Intermountain Service Areas

Idaho Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services throughout all of Idaho

Montana Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Montana and P&C services in portions of Western Montana.

Oregon Service Area
We provide WC and P&C services in Portland, E. Oregon, and the surrounding areas

Utah Service Area
We provide WC, P&C, and O&C services throughout all of Utah

Washington Service Area
We provide WC services throughout all of Washington, P&C and O&C services in Spokane, Yakima, E. Washington, and the surrounding areas

Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming Service Area
We provide WC Services for Colorado and P&C services for portions of Nevada and Wyoming 

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